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Edwin Pinto
Edwin Pinto
O&M 320
Texas A&M University O&M Building
MS 3146
College Station, Texas 77843-3146


Navy Officer. Escuela Superior Naval - Ecuador. 1994

Bachelor Degree in Naval Sciences . Universidad Naval – Ecuador. 1994

Bachelor Degree in Hydrography and Oceanography. Academia Politecnica Naval - Chile. 2000

Master in Geosciences. Texas A&M University. 1997


Edwin Pinto

Graduate Student

Research Interests

  • A Reanalysis of Entrainment Velocity (We) in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean (Soda) and Study of the Isotopic Composition of Rainwater and Seawater in the Gulf of Guayaquil – Ecuador

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Niall Slowey

Currently serving as an Officer of the Ecuadorian Navy with the rank of Lieutenant Commander

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