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Course Offerings:

  • OCNG 630 - Geological Oceanography
  • OCNG 681 - How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper
  • OCNG 666 - Principles of Geodynamics
  • OCNG 689-601 - Special Topics in High-resolution Seafloor Mapping

Dr. William Sager

Professor Oceanography and G&G, Jane and R. Ken Williams '45 Chair in Ocean Drilling Science, Technology and Education

Ph.D. Marine Geophysics, University of Hawaii, 1983

M.S. Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawaii, 1979

B.S. Physics, Duke University, 1976


Dr. Sager’s research is broadly about Earth history, plate tectonics, and the evolution of ocean basins. He is a marine geophysicist who loves to explore the ocean and has been on 38 research cruises and was chief scientist on 17 of them. He has participated on seven Ocean Drilling Program cruises and was co-chief scientist for two. His expeditions have taken him and his students to each of the big three oceans. Current research efforts are concentrated on geophysical studies of hotspots and ocean plateaus and how they formed and evolved as well as magnetic anomaly interpretations and the geomagnetic polarity reversal time scale. Dr. Sager has also published numerous papers about paleomagnetic measurements and their interpretations for plate tectonics, especially for the Pacific plate apparent polar wander path. He is also interested in high-resolution marine geophysics, using sonars and other sensors to study the seafloor, and the geologic development of the shelf and continental margins, especially in the Gulf of Mexico.

Dr. Sager has published over 90 refereed articles in journals and books. He has won more than 40 research grants totaling nearly $4.5 M. He received the College of Geosciences Award for Distinguished Achievement in Research in 2003 and became the first holder of the Jane and R. Ken Williams ’45 Chair in Ocean Drilling Science, Education, and Technology that same year.

Research Interests

  • Plate tectonics
  • Tectonic reference frames
  • Paleomagnetism and environmental magnetism
  • Magnetostratigraphy and the magnetic polarity reversal time scale
  • Pleistocene-Holocene sea level variations
  • High-resolution geophysical methods
  • Magnetic and gravity field interpretation


  • Geophysical study of Ninetyeast Ridge hotspot trail in the Indian Ocean
  • Study of multichannel seismic data from the Northwest Gulf of Mexico and their implications for the structure of continental margin and indicatinos of gas hydrate
  • Testing hypotheses of oceanic plateau formation on Shatsky Rise.
  • High-resolution geophysical studies of Gulf of Mexico shelf and slope sediments and sedimentary deformation.
  • Magnetic field behavior of the Jurassic Magnetic Quiet Zone.
  • Paleomagnetism of ocean crust basalts.


  • Professor, Oceanography, Texas A&M University, 1995–present
  • Associate Professor, Oceanography, Texas A&M University, 1989–1995
  • Assistant Professor, Oceanography, Texas A&M University, 1983–1989
  • Participant on 37 research cruises since 1977, including 16 as chief scientist.
  • Co-chief scientist on ODP Legs 143 and 191


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Edited Books and Volumes

  • Special Issue: High Resolution Mapping of Continental Margin Geohazards, Amer. Assoc. Petrol. Geol. Bull., edited by W. Sager, W. Bryant, and E. Doyle, June 2004.
  • Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Initial Reports, vol. 191, T. Kanazawa, W. W. Sager, C. Escutia, et al. (Eds.), Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, 2001.
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