Leadership & Vision

Faculty and students in the Department of Oceanography explore the world to investigate the defining questions of the oceans’ future, present, and past.  The Department provides exceptional interdisciplinary training in the fields of Ocean Climate, Marine Ecosystem Processes, Ocean Observing Science and Technology, and Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry.

The Department of Oceanography is part of an alliance of Ocean Sciences at Texas A&M that span the Marine Biology and Marine and Coastal Environmental Science Departments at Texas A&M Galveston, GERG, IODP, and Texas Sea Grant.  This alliance of Ocean Sciences represents a truly unique concentration of educational and research resources.  Our educational and research capacity is greatly enhanced by close ties to the College Departments of Atmospheric Sciences, Geography, and Geology and Geophysics, as well as the Berg-Hughes Center and Texas Center for Climate Studies.

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Dr. Shari Yvon-Lewis, Department Head of Oceanography

Dr. Shari Yvon-Lewis' Faculty Profile

Strategic Plan


To join the nation’s top rank of institutions for oceanographic research and education at public universities by uniting the critical mass of energetic and talented ocean scientists and educators at Sea Grant, GERG, IODP, TAMU Galveston, and TAMU College Station. 

Mission Statement

To advance discovery and understanding of the ocean sciences, technology, and resources. To prepare the next generation of citizens and ocean scientists for the challenges facing a growing human population with limited resources. 


The department fosters a culture of scholarly excellence, diversity, and nurturing workplace climate while embracing the role of a public university in improving the lives of all Texans.