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Foundational Master of Ocean Science and Technology Course requirements

All M.S. and PhD. Students are required to complete the following foundational oceanography courses:

  • OCNG 603 – Communicating Ocean Science
  • OCNG 604 – Ocean Observing
  • OCNG 608 – Physical Oceanography
  • OCNG 620 – Biological Oceanography
  • OCNG 630 – Geological Oceanography
  • OCNG 640 – Chemical Oceanography
  • OCNG 657 – Data Methods and Graphical Representation in Oceanography
  • OCNG 661 – Advanced Oceanographic Data Analysis and Communication

The department of Oceanography offers several advanced elective courses to complement our foundational courses.  A full listing can be found in the Texas A&M Graduate Catalog.

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