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The Department of Oceanography welcomes applicants with a strong background in science, technology, engineering or math disciplines. Applicants should have completed college-level math through integral calculus, one year of college-level chemistry, and one year of college-level physics.  In addition we recommend an undergraduate survey course in biology and/or geology.

Admission to all degree programs is competitive.  The Department of Oceanography seeks students with strong undergraduate grade point averages (particularly in all science and calculus courses) and high-ranking GRE scores.

Applicants for fall are encouraged to submit all materials by January 1 to be considered for the full range of available scholarships and fellowships.  However there is not an official application deadline.  Admissions and funding decisions are typically made in March.  The majority of new graduate students begin degree programs during the fall semester however we routinely admit students to begin in spring.

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