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Many forms of graduate student support are available - research and teaching assistantships, federally supported grants and fellowships, and university fellowships and scholarships.  These forms of support are awarded on a competitive basis, and provide a competitive monthly stipend, a waiver of out-of-state tuition for non-Texas residents, full in-state tuition, and health insurance benefits for the student and any dependents.  All students admitted to the thesis degrees (MS in Oceanography and Ph.D. in Oceanography) are considered for support and no separate application is necessary.  The non-thesis Master of Ocean Science and Technology degree is a professional degree and students admitted to this program typically cover their own tuition, fees, insurance, and living expenses.  Non-thesis students may be considered for Departmental support.

Careers in Ocean Sciences

Modern oceanography provides innumerable opportunities not only in specialized fields in biology, chemistry, geology and physics, but also in integrated, multi-disciplinary work in different areas of the geosciences. Our cutting-edge curricula provide the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in any component of the rapidly evolving workforce.

For a number of different ideas about where a degree in oceanography can take you, whether in government, industry, or academia, see the career profiles of various oceanographers at The Ocean Society TOS Job Center

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