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The Department of Oceanography at Texas A&M University hosts a program for Scholars of Oceanography funded by the S-STEM program at NSF where students started entering in 2009. We have had 29 MS and Ph.D. Graduate students in the program. 21 STEM Scholars have graduated, 1 transferred, 2 are finishing in summer 2015, 5 continuing in PhD program at TAMU. A second S-STEM program for Scholars of Oceanography began in 2014 with ten students in the first cohort. Some of the MS graduates are continuing in Ph.D. programs and others are working in STEM jobs such as the oil and gas industry. Their individual accomplishments can be viewed on the S-STEM Student web pages. Collectively they have amassed the following achievements:

Summary of S-STEM-2 Scholar Achievements (award 1355807; 2014-2019)

Summary of S-STEM Scholar Achievements (award 0806926; 2008-2015)

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