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S-­STEM-2 award 1355807 (2014-2019) 

  • Kealoha AK, Mackenzie FT, Kosaki RK, Alin SR, Winn CD (2017) Carbon System Dynamics of a Pristine Coral Reef Ecosystem: French Frigate Shoals. Aquatic Geochemistry. 23:75-88
  • Godwin, CM, Whitaker, EA, Cotner, JB. Growth rate and resource imbalance interactively control biomass stoichiometry and physiology of heterotrophic bacteria. Ecology 98.3 (2017): 820-829.
  • Doyle, S.M., Whitaker, and J.B. Sylvan. Microbial Community Dynamics and Responses to Oil and Corexit in Coastal Surface Water Mesocosms. submitted to Environmental Microbiology, 2/27/2017.
  • Scudder, R. P., Murray, R. W., Schindlbeck, J. C., Kutterolf, S., Hauff, F. & McKinley, C. C. (2014), Regional-scale input of dispersed and discrete volcanic ash to the Izu-Bonin and Mariana subduction zones, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 15, 4369-4379, doi: 1002/2014GC005561
  • D'Hondt, S., . . . .  McKinley, C. C.,  . . .et al.  (2015), Presence of oxygen and aerobic communities from sea floor to basement in deep-sea sediments, Nature Geoscience  8, 299-304, doi: 1038/ngeo2387
  • Walters, W. W., D. S. Simonini, and G. Michalski (2016), Nitrogen isotope exchange between NO and NO­­­2and its implications for δ15N variations in tropospheric NOx and atmospheric nitrate, Geophysical Research Letters, 43(1), 440-448.
  • Simonini, D. (2016), Nitrogen isotope exchange between NO and NO2 and its implication for 15N variations in tropospheric NOx, The Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research, 6(1), 32.

S-­STEM-1 award 0806926 (2008-2015) 

21 papers with S-STEM Scholars as authors or co-authors. 5 in last year

  • Valentine, D.L., J.D. Kessler, M.C. Redmond, S.D. Mendes, M.B. Heintz, C. Farwell, L. Hu, F.S. Kinnaman, S. Yvon-Lewis, M. Du, E.W. Chan, F. Garcia Tigreros, C.J. Villanueva. Propane respiration jump-starts microbial response to a deep oil spill - Science. October 2010, 330(6001) p. 208-211. DOI: 10.1126/science.119683
  • Kessler, J.D., D.L. Valentine, M.C. Redmond, M. Du, E.W. Chan, S.D. Mendes, E.W. Quiroz, C.J. Villanueva, S.S. Shusta, L.M. Werra, S.A. Yvon-Lewis, T.C. Weber. A persistent oxygen anomaly reveals the fate of spilled methane in the deep Gulf of Mexico - Science. January 2011, 331(6015) p. 312-315. DOI: 10.1126/science.1199697
  • Cole, Kelly, et al. 2013. The effect of rotation on net plume mixing, submitted to Journal of Physical Oceanography.
  • Hague, Ashley M., Thomas, D.J., Huber, M., Korty, R., Woodard, S., Jones, L.B, 2012, Convection of North Pacific Deep Water During the Early Cenozoic, Geology, doi:10.1130/G32886.1
  • Bianchi, T.S., Garcia-Tigreros, F., Yvon-Lewis,S.A., Shields, M., Mills, H.J., Butman, D., Osburn, C., Raymond, P., Shank, C., DiMarco, S.F., Walker, N., Reese, B., Mullins, R., Quigg, A., Aiken, G.R., and Grossman E.L.. Enhanced Transfer of Terrestrially-Derived Carbon to the Atmosphere in a Flooding Event. (Accepted) Geophysical Research Letters
  • Valentine, D.L., J.D. Kessler, M.C. Redmond, S.D. Mendes, M.B. Heintz, C. Farwell, L. Hu, F.S. Kinnaman, S. Yvon-Lewis, M. Du, E.W. Chan, F. Garcia Tigreros, C.J. Villanueva (2010), Propane respiration jump-starts microbial response to a deep oil spill, Science, 330, 208, DOI: 10.1126/science.1196830.
  • Schmidt, M. W., P. Chang, J. E. Hertzberg, T. R. Them, L. Ji, and B. L. Otto-Bliesner (2012).  Impact of abrupt deglacial climate change on tropical Atlantic subsurface temperatures.   Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 109, 36, 14348–14352, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1207806109.
  • Hertzberg, J. E. and M. W. Schmidt (in revision).  Refining Globigerinoides ruber Mg/Ca Paleothermometry in the Atlantic Ocean.  Submitted to Earth & Planetary Science Letters.
  • Schmidt, M. W. and Jennifer E.Hertzberg, (2011).  Abrupt climate change during the last Ice Age.  Nature Education Knowledge (online open access library of peer reviewed educational articles), 2(12):11.
  • Hertzberg, J. E., D. E. Black, L. C. Peterson, R. C. Thunell, and G. H. Haug (2012).  Decadal- to centennial-scale tropical Atlantic climate variability across a Dansgaard-Oeschger cycle. Paleoceanography, 27, PA3218, doi: 10.1029/2011PA002251.
  • Hertzberg, J. E. and M. W. Schmidt (2013). Refining Globigerinoides ruber Mg/Ca paleothermometry in the Atlantic Ocean.  Earth & Planetary Science Letters, 383, 123-133, doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2013.09.044.
  • Lewis, Dan’l. M. and W. W. Sager, Salt tectonics and its effect on sediment structure and gas hydrate occurrence in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico from 2-D multichannel seismic data, Transactions, Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies, in press.
  • Lomas MW, Hopkinson BM, Losh JL, Ryan DE, Shi DL, Xu Y, Morel FMM. 2012. Effect of ocean acidification on cyanobacteria in the subtropical North Atlantic. Aquat. Microb. Ecol. 66:211–222.
  • Jobe, Z.R., Sylvester, Z., Parker, A.O., Howes, N., Slowey, N., Pirmez, C., (2014), Rapid adjustment of submarine channel architecture to changes in sediment supply, In press, Journal of Sedimentary Research.
  • Parker, A.O., Schmidt, M.W., Jobe, Z.R., Slowey, N., (2015), A new perspective on West African hydroclimate during the last deglacial, Submitted, Nature Geoscience.
  • Parker, A.O., Schmidt, M.W., Chang, P., (2015), Tropical North Atlantic subsurface temperature anomalies reveal reduced AMOC across Dansgaard-Oscheger events, In review, Paleoceanography.
  • Ryan DE, Pepper AE, Campbell L. (2014). De novo assembly and characterization of the transcriptome of the toxic dinoflagellate Karenia brevis. BMC genomics, 15(1), 888.
  • Shackford, J.K. et al., 2013. Data Report:raw and normalized elemental data along the Site U1335, Site U1336 and U1337 splices from x-ray fluorescence scanning, IODP Proceedings (in press)
  • Thomas, D.J., Korty, R., Huber, M., Schubert, Jessica A., Haines, B., Deep-water contributed to diminished temperature gradients during the Late Cretaceous – Early Cenozoic, Science (submitted).
  • Tian, J., Yang, M., Lyle, M.W., Wilkens, R., and Shackford, J.K. (in press), Obliquity and long eccentricity pacing of the middle Miocene climatic transition. Geochem., Geophys., Geosyst., 2013, 14, 6, 1740-1755.
  • Zuck, N.A., M.J. Richardson, W.D. Gardner, S.F. DiMarco.  The Effect of Mississippi River Discharge on the Concentration and Composition of Particulate Matter along the Texas-Louisiana Shelf: Summers 2012, 2013. Continental Shelf Research (submitted 5/2015).
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