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Dr. Anthony Hayden Knap
Anthony Hayden Knap
(979) 862-2323 ext 111
833 Graham Road

Texas A&M University 
833 Graham Road
College Station, Texas 77845


Ph.D. Chemical Oceanography, University of Southampton

M.S. Oeanography, University of Southampton

B.S. Wisconsin State University

Anthony Hayden Knap

Director, Geochemical and Environmental Research Group
James R. Whatley Endowed Chair in Geosciences

Research Interests

Oceanography, organic geochemistry, environmental science, atmosphere/ocean interactions, oil pollution and dispersant use, effects of contaminants on the marine environment; ocean health and human health interactions. Global climate change – climate instability, business/science interactions, renewable energy, marine derived bio-fuels, ocean genomics, ocean acidification.

Selected Publications

Lomas, M.W., Bates, N., Johnson, R., Knap, A., Steinberg, D. and Carlson, C. (2012). Two decades and counting: 23 years of sustained open ocean biogeochemical measurements in the Sargasso Sea. 3rd Special Issue on Ocean Time Series, Deep See Research II. (in press).

Lampitt, R.S., Favali, P., Church, M.J., Cronin, M.F., Hill, K.L., Kaneda, Y., Karl, D.M., Knap, A.H., McPhaden, M.J., Nittis, K.A., Preide, I.H., Rolin, J-F., Send, U., Teng, C.C., Trull, T.W., Wallace, D.W.R. and Weller, R.A. (2010) In situ sustained eulerian observatories. In: Proceedings of the Ocean Obs 09.(Vol. 2), doi:10.5270

Bonhommeau, S., Chassot, E., Planque, B., Rivot, E., Knap, A.H. and Le Pape, O. (2008). Impact of climate on eel populations of the northern hemisphere. Marine Ecology Progress Series 373:71-80.

Fleming, L.E., Broad, K, Clement,A., Dewailly, E. Elmir, S., Knap, A., Pomponi, S.A., Smith, S., Solo Gabriele, H. and Walshe, P. (2006). Oceans and human health: Emerging public health risks in the marine environment. Marine Pollut. Bull 2006:53(10-12):545-560.

Dewailly, E. and Knap, A. H. (2006) Food from the Oceans and Human Health. Balancing Risks and Benfits. Oceanography 19 (2) :84-87.

Owen, R., Mitchelmore, C., Woodley, C., Trapido-Rosenthal, H., Galloway, T., Depledge, M., Readman, J., Buxton, L., Sarkins, S., Jones, R. and Knap, A. (2005). A commons sense approach for confronting coral reef decline associated with human activities. Marine Pollution Bull. 205;51(5-7): 481-5.

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Conte, M.H., Dickey, T.D., Knap, A.H., Weber, J.C., Jiang, S. and Johnson, R. (2003). Transient physical forcing of pulsed export of bioreactive material to the deep Sargasso Sea. Deep-Sea Research I 50 11571187

Owen, R., Knap, A., Ostrander, N. and Carbery, K. (2003). Comparative acute toxicity of herbicides to phosynthesis of coral zooxanthellae. Bulletin Env. Contam and Toxicology 70 No. 3:541-548.

Dewailly, E., Furgal, C., Knap, A., C, Galvin J, Baden D, Bowen RE, Depledge M, Duguay L, Fleming LE, Ford T, Moser F, Owen R, Suk WA and U Unluata (2002) Indicators of Ocean and Human Health. Canadian Journal of Public Health 93:Supplement 1: S34.

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Owen, R.J., Knap, A.H., Ostrander, N. and Carberry, K. (2002) Comparative acute toxicity of herbicides to photosynthesis of coral zooxanthellae. Bulletin of Contamination and Toxicology.

Knap AH, Dewailly E, Furgal C, Galvin J, Baden D, Bowen RE, Depledge M, Duguay L, Fleming LE, Ford T, Moser F, Owen R, Suk WA and U Unluata (2002): Indicators of Ocean Health and Human Health: Developing a Research and Monitoring Framework. Environ. Health Persp. Vol110 (9) p839-845.

Owen, R., Knap, A., Toespern, M. and Carbery, K (2002) Inhibition of coral photosynthesis by the anti-fouling herbicide Irgarol 1051. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 44:623-632

Owen, R., Buxton, L., Sarkis, S., Toaspern, M., Knap, A. and Depledge, M. (2002) An Evaluation of Hemolymph Cholinesterase Activities in the Tropical Scallop, Euvola (Pecten) ziczac, for the Rapid Assessment of Pesticide Exposure. Marine Pollution Bulletin 44:1010-1017.

Karl, D.M., Dore, J.E., Lukas, R., Michaels, A.F., Bates, N.R. and Knap, A.H. (2001). The U.S. JGOFS Time-series Programs. Oceanography, 14 (4):6-17.

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Knap, A., Depledge, M. and Dewailly, E. (2000). Ecosystem indicators of ocean and human health. Epidemiology, 11(4), 697

Recent Books and Book Chapters

Malone, T., Davison, M., DiGiacomo, P., Goncalves, E., Knap, T., Muelbert, J., Parslow, J., Sweijd, N., Yanagai, J and Yap, H. (2010) Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Coastal Ocean Information Needs. InL Proceedings, World Climate Conference -3, Volume 1 p. 324-341.

Faust, E., Herweijer, C. and Knap, A.H. (2009) Physical effects of climate change from an insurance perspective. (Ch 2) The insurance industry and climate change – Contribution to the global debate. The Geneva Association, Geneva, Switzerland (133p). (

Murnane, R.J. and Knap, A.H. (2008) The Risk Prediction Initiative: a successful science-business partnership for analyzing natural hazard risk. (Ch 16) Climate Extremes and Society. (Henry Diaz and Richard J. Murnane eds) 320p.

Dewailly, E., Pereg, D., Knap, A., Rouja, P., Galvin, J. and Owen, R. (2007) Exposure and effects of seafood borne contaminants in maritime populations. In: Ocean and Human Health: risks and remedies from the seas (Walsh, P.J., Smith, S.L., Fleming, L.E., Solo-Gabriele, and Gerwick, W.H. Academic Press (670p)

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Knap, A.H. (1981) Bermuda's Delicate Balance. Pollution, Ch. 22. Bermuda National Trust, Hamilton, Bermuda, p.239-255.

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