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Dr. Yige Zhang
Yige Zhang
(979) 845-4978
Eller O&M 517A

Eller O&M Building
3146 TAMU
College Station, Texas 77843


Ph.D. Yale University, 2014

M.Phil. Yale University, 2012

M.S. University of Georgia, 2009

B.S. Nanjing University, 2007


Philip Orville Prize, Yale University, 2015

Karl Turekian Prize, Yale University, 2014

Ziff Environmental Fellowship, Harvard University, 2014-2016

Outstanding Overseas Grad Student, Chinese Scholarship Council, 2014

Schalnger Fellowship, U.S. Science Support Program for Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, 2012-2014


OCNG 251 – Introduction to Oceanography

OCNG 430 – Geological Oceanography

OCNG 689 – SPTP: Cenozoic Paleoclimate

Yige Zhang

Assistant Professor
Chemical and Geological Oceanography: Paleoclimate Change; Organic and Isotope Geochemistry

Research Interests

  • Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology: Cenozoic climate change; Greenhouse gases; Earth system climate sensitivity; Ocean temperature and temperature gradients; Ocean currents; Upwelling
  • Geochemistry: organic geochemistry; stable isotope geochemistry (clumped isotopes; compound-specific isotopes); global biogeochemical cycles
  • Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry: Archaea evolution

I'm a paleoceanographer interested in using geochemistry as tools to study past changes in climate and global biogeochemical cycles, with the goal of learning lessons for our future. Specific research topics of my group include ocean temperature and atmospheric CO2 reconstructions, surface and bottom water circulations, upwelling, and Earth system climate sensitivity in the Cenozoic era (65 million years ago to the present). We run an organic geochemistry lab equipped with gas chromatography, liquid chromatography and isotope ratio mass spectrometry that are specialized at measuring the composition and stable isotopes of lipid biomarkers or “molecular fossils”.

Selected Publications






2011 and Earlier

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