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Hui Liu
Hui Liu
(409) 740-4716
(409) 740-5001
TAMU Galveston Marine Biology
Texas A&M University at Galveston
P.O. Box 1675 
Galveston, Texas 77553

B.S. (Fisheries) Ocean University of Qingdao, China, 1992
M.S. (Marine Biology) Ocean University of Qingdao, China, 1995
M.S. (Statistics) University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2008
Ph.D. (Oceanography) University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2006

Hui Liu

Assistant Professor
Biological Oceanography: Zooplankton, Fisheries, Population Dynamics, Climate Change, Modelling

Research Interests

Zooplankton processes in the ocean, population dynamics and interactions of marine fishes, quantitative fisheries research, statistical and numerical ecosystem modeling.

Selected Publications

Liu H, Fogarty MJ, Glaser SM, Altman I, Kaufman L, Rosenberg AA, Sugihara G (2012) Nonlinear dynamic features and co-predictability in the Georges Bank fish community.  Mar Ecol Prog Ser., 464, 195-207

Pranovi F, Link J, Fu C, Cook AM, Liu H, Gaichas S, Friedland KD, Utne KR and  Benoît HP (2012) Trophic-level determinants of biomass accumulation in marine ecosystems.  Mar Ecol Prog Ser., 459, 185-201

Fu C, Boldt J, Link JS, Bundy A, Gaichas S, Gamble R, Cook A, Utne KR, Liu H, Friedland K (2012) The effects and relative importance of fishing, trophodynamic and environmental drivers on ecosystems.Mar Ecol Prog Ser., 459,169-184

Liu H, Peterson WT (2010) Seasonal and inter-annual variations in the abundance and biomass ofNeocalanus plumchrus in continental slope waters off Oregon. Fish. Oceanor., 19:5, 354-369

Liu H, Hopcroft RR (2007) A comparison of seasonal growth and development of Calanus marshallaeand C. pacificus in the northern Gulf of Alaska. J. Plankton Res., 29, 569-581

Liu H, Hopcroft RR (2006) Growth and development of Neocalanus flemingeri / plumchrus in the northern Gulf of Alaska: validation of the artificial cohort method in cold waters. J. Plankton Res., 28, 87-101

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