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Dr. Timothy Dellapenna
Timothy Dellapenna
(409) 740-4952
(409) 741-7171
TAMU Galveston Marine Sciences
Texas A&M University at Galveston 
P.O. Box 1675 
Galveston, Texas 77553

- Ph.D. Marine Science, College of William and Mary, Virginia, 1999
- M.S. Hydrogeology, Western Michigan University, 1993
- M.S. Geology, Western Michigan University, 1991
- B.S. Geology, Michigan State University, Michigan 1986


Timothy Dellapenna

Associate Professor
Geological Oceanography: Seabed Dynamics; Sediment Processes

Research Interests

Quantification of the record of marine sedimentary processes using a combination of sediment analyses, short lived radio isotopes and high resolution marine geophysics.

Focus areas include:
- Coastal morphodynamics of the upper Texas shore face and inner shelf: (Galveston and Follett's Island,
 Matagorda Peninsula, Brazos River mouth, South Padre Island)
- Estuarine sedimentary processes and modern strata formation (Texas Bays: Galveston, Lavaca,
 Matagorda and Copano Bays; Naples Bay, FL; Chesapeake Bay,; Simpson Bay, Prince William Sound, AK)
- Geological record and response to extreme events- Hurricanes Claudette (2003), Katrina and Rita

Selected Publications

Dellapenna, T. M., and Simons, J., in review. Natural morphodynamic responses to anthropogenic alterations estuarine systems: a case study of Matagorda Bay, northern Gulf of Mexico, USA. For: Holocene Evolution of Gulf of Mexico Bays: Geological Society of America Special Publication.

Dellapenna, T. M ., Majzlik, E.J., and Allison, M.A., in review. Modification and Recovery of the Shoreface of Matagorda Peninsula, Texas, following the Landfall of Hurricane Claudette: The Role of Antecedent Geology on Short-Term Shoreface Morphodynamics, Continental Shelf Science.

Dellapenna, T. M., Joiner, N., Fielder, B. R., Majzlik, E. M., Noll, IV, C. J., in review. Tidal pass migration and estuarine substrate transformation due to tidal prism capture: Pass Cavallo, Texas, USA, Estuaries.

Noll, C,J., Dellapenna, T. M., Gilkinson, A.K., Weltz, F.C., and Davis, R.W., in review. A high resolution geophysical investigation of sedimentary processes in a turbid outwash fjord: Simpson Bay, Prince William Sound, AK, Geomarine Letters.

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Coastal Marine Sedimentology and Applications of High Resolution Marine Geophysics
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