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Dr. Patrick Louchouarn
Patrick Louchouarn
(409) 740-4409
(409) 740-4407
TAMU Galveston Marine Sciences
Texas A&M University at Galveston 
P.O. Box 1675 
Galveston, Texas 77553

- Ph.D. Environmental Sciences, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada, 1997
- M.S. Environmental Sciences, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada, 1992
- B.S. Marine Biology, McGill University, Canada, 1989

Patrick Louchouarn

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer (TAMUG) and Associate Provost (TAMU)
Chemical Oceanography: bio, organic and environmental geochemistry, cycling of pyrogenic carbon, environmental forensics

Research Interests

My scholarship activities unfold in two complementary directions. On the one hand, I try to assess the impacts that environmental perturbations have on biogeochemical cycling at ecosystem interfaces (coastal margins, lakes and flooded terrestrial zones, wetlands, urban atmospheres). On the other, I seek to address issues of scientific literacy in both a general social context as well as a specific one in the development of environmental curricula.

Selected Publications

Brunner, C.A., S. Simpson, J. Keim, R. Hatch, K.M. Yeager, K.B. Briggs, and P. Louchouarn. (2013). Effects of oil from the Macondo Well blowout on marsh foraminifera of Mississippi and Louisiana, USA. Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 47, 9115-9123.

Masiello, C.A. and P. Louchouarn. (2013). Fire in the Ocean. Science. Vol. 340(6130), 287-288.

Sánchez-García, L. J.R. de Andrés, Y. Gélinas, M.W.I. Schmidt, P. Louchouarn. (2013). Different pools of black carbon in sediments from the Gulf of Cádiz (SW Spain): method comparison and spatial distribution. Marine Chemistry. Vol. 151, 13-22.

Norwood, M., P. Louchouarn, L.-J. Kuo, and O.R. Harvey. (2013). Characterization and biodegradation of water-soluble organic matter extracted form low-temperature charcoals. Organic Geochemistry. Vol. 56, 111–119.

Harvey, O.R., B.E Herbert, L-J. Kuo, and P. Louchouarn. (2012). Two-dimensional perturbation-based correlation infrared spectroscopy (2D-PCIS) reveals mechanisms by which biochars develop surface charge and resistance to environmental degradation. Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 46(19), 10641-10650.

Amon, R.M.W, A.J. Rinehart, S. Duan, P. Louchouarn, P. Raymond, R.M. Holmes, J.W. McClelland, B.J. Peterson, G. Guggenberger, A. Prokushkin, C. Stedmon, S.A.Walker. (2012). Dissolved organic matter sources in large Arctic rivers. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. Vol. 94, 217–237.

Louchouarn, P., L-J. Kuo, J. Brandenberger, F. Marcantonio, C. Garland, G. Gill, and V. Cullinan. (2012). Pyrogenic inputs of anthropogenic Pb and Hg to sediments of the Hood Canal, Washington, in the 20th century: Source evidence from elemental ratios, stable Pb isotopes, and PAH signatures. Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 46(11), 5772-5781.

Harvey, O.R., L-J. Kuo, A.R. Zimmerman, P. Louchouarn, J.E. Amonette, B.E Herbert. (2012). An index-based approach to assessing recalcitrance and soil carbon sequestration potential of engineered black carbons (biochars). Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 46(3), 1415-1421.

Shakya. K.M., P. Louchouarn, and R.J. Griffin. (2011 - In Press). Lignin-derived phenols in Houston aerosols: Implications for natural background sources. Environmental Science & Technology.

Kuo, L-J, P. Louchouarn, and B.E. Herbert. (2011). Influence of combustion conditions on yields of solvent-extractable anhydrosugars and lignin phenols in chars: Implications for characterizations of biomass combustion residues. Chemosphere. Vol. 84.

Brandenberger, J.M., P. Louchouarn, and E. Crecelius. (2011). Natural and post urbanization signatures of hypoxia in two basins of Puget Sound: Historical reconstruction of redox sensitive metals and organic matter inputs. Aquatic Geochemistry. Vol. 17(4), 645-670.

Kuo, L-J, Louchouarn, P., B., Herbert, J. Brandenberger, T. Wade, and E. Crecelius. (2011). Combustion-derived substances in deep basins of the Puget Sound: Historical inputs from fossil fuel and biomass combustion. Environmental Pollution. Vol. 159, 983-990.

Ishikawa, T., A. Barnston, K.A. Kastens, and P. Louchouarn. (2011). Understanding, evaluation, and use of climate forecasts by prospective policy makers: An empirical study with mixed approaches. GSA-Special Publication on Qualitative Research in Geoscience Education. (Special Paper 474). doi:10.1130/2011.2474(11).

Louchouarn P., R. Amon, S. Duan, C. Pondell, S.M. Seward, and N. White. (2010). Analysis of lignin-derived phenols in standard reference materials and dissolved organic matter by gas chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry. Marine Chemistry. Vol. 118, 85–97.

Additional Information

NASA-USDA (Carbon Cycle Science Program): Examining the relationships between land use change, wetland alteration, and carbon sequestration in the Gulf of Mexico”. (PI). 2011-2014.

Texas Commission of Environmental Quality: Pilot study for in situ remediation of legacy Dioxin and PCB concentrations in Texas aquatic systems using geosorbent amendment – Phase I”. (PI). 2011.

The Welch Foundation
: Departmental grant to enhance undergraduate research in chemistry at Texas A&M University-Galveston. (PI). 2011-2012. 

Northern Gulf of Mexico Institute: “Responses of Benthic Communities and Sedimentary Dynamics to Hydrocarbon Exposure in Neritic and Bathyal Ecosystems. Phase I & II”. (Sub-contract) 2010-2011.

NSF: “MRI: Acquisition of a GC/MS triple quadrupole for the characterization of lignin and other terrestrial plant biomarkers in complex environmental media at TAMUG”. (PI). 2009-2010.


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