Bailey Armos

Bailey Armos

Graduate Student

Global carbon and biogeochemical cycles, data science

  Eller O&M 629

Selected Publications

Aizen, V.V., B.M. Armos, J.L. Hahn, R.P. Kittle, V.M.E. Owen, F.P. Perez, E. Poulin, M.A. Rocha, M. Rojas-Angulo, J. Rouske, D.P. Spencer, K.J. Tonra, K.A. Woodworth, A.N. Zuelow, C. Wells, D.W. Freshwater & T.F. Mumford. 2018. DS-MASJI-5: A.L.G.A.E. (Always Looking Good And Enthusiastic), publicly available DNA sequence and specimen data for marine algae of the Salish Sea area. Barcode of Life Data Systems,

Armos, B., & Owen, V. (2018). A Comparison of Species Biodiversity at Cattle Point, San Juan Island: 1971-2018. Friday Harbor Laboratories Student Research Papers,

Research Posters:

Armos, Bailey et al. The utility of palm phytoliths for inferring the evolution and paleoecology of Arecaceae. Poster presented at: Botany 2019; 2019 July 27-31. Tucson, AZ.

Williams, C., B. Armos, E. Rasyid, L. Arafeh. Deployable Bathymetric Sensor Technology to Enable Citizen Scientists in the Nearshore Environment. Poster presented at: Oceans 2019; 2019 October 27-31. Seattle, WA. 

Armos, Bailey. What drives variability in nitrate concentration off the Oregon Coast? Poster presented at: AGU 2020 Fall Meeting; 2020 December 1-17. Online


B.S. Oceanography, University of Washington, 2019


Louis & Elizabeth Scherck Scholarship 2021

Dr. Dionel Aviles ‘53 and Dr. James Johnson ‘67 Fellowship

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Shuang Zhang

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