Richard Sullivan

Richard Sullivan

Graduate Student



My background is in paleo-climatology, maritime archaeology, geospatial modeling and geophysics.  As a result, my research focuses on the potential impacts that extreme weather events (e.g. tropical cyclones) and climate shifts (such as prolonged periods of drought and aridity) have had on past coastal communities and our environment.

Selected Publications

Gonneea, M. E., Maio, C.V., Kroeger, K. D., Hawkes, A. D., Mora, J., Sullivan, R. M., Madsen, S., Buzard, R. M., Cahill, N., Donnelly, J. P., (2019). Transgression of low marsh habitat enhances elevation resilience and carbon storage of salt march ecosystems during accelerated rates of relative sea-level rise. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 217, 56-69

Munoz, S.E., Giosan, L., Therrell, M.D., Remo, J.W., Shen, Z., Sullivan, R. M., Wiman, C., O’Donnell, M. and Donnelly, J.P., (2018). Climatic control of Mississippi River flood hazard amplified by river engineering. Nature, 556 (7699), p.95.        

van Hengstum, P.J., Maale, G., Donnelly, J.P., Albury, N.A., Onac, B.P., Sullivan, R. M., Winkler, T.S., Tamalavage, A.E. and MacDonald, D., (2018). Drought in the northern Bahamas from 3300 to 2500 years ago. Quaternary Science Reviews, 186, pp.169-185.

Maio, C. V., Donnelly, J. P., Sullivan, R. M, Madsen, S. M., Weidman, C. R., Gontz, A. M., and Sheremet, V. A., (2016). Sediment dynamics and hydrographic conditions during storm passage, Waquoit Bay, Massachusetts. Marine Geology, 381, 67-86.

Lin, N., Lane, P., Emanuel, K.A., Sullivan, R. M. and Donnelly, J.P., (2014). Heightened hurricane surge risk in northwest Florida revealed from climatological‐hydrodynamic modeling and paleorecord reconstruction. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 119(14), pp.8606-8623.

Brandon, C.M., Woodruff, J.D., Donnelly, J.P. and Sullivan, R. M., (2014). How unique was Hurricane Sandy? Sedimentary reconstructions of extreme flooding from New York Harbor. Scientific reports, 4, p.7366. Maio, C. V., Gontz, A. M., Sullivan, R. M., Madsen, S. M., Weidman, C. R., & Donnelly, J. P., (2014). Subsurface Evidence of Storm-Driven Breaching along a Transgressing Barrier System, Cape Cod, USA. Journal of Coastal Research, 32(2), 264-279.

Maio, C. V., Crowell, A., L., Sullivan, R. M., Buzard, R., M., Whitely, M., A., Bogardus, R., C., de Wit, C., (2018). Examining Coastal Dynamics and Archaeological Site Evidence at a Drowned Cirque Basin Influenced by Earthquakes and Little Ice Age Glaciation. Journal of Coastal Research, 35 (4), 814-834

Van Hengstum, P., J., Winkler, T. S., Tamalavage, A.E., Sullivan, R. M., Little, S., L., MacDonald, D., Donnelly, J.P., Albury, N.A., (2019). Holocene sedimentation in a blue hole surrounded by carbonate tidal flats: autogenic versus allogenic processes. (Submitted)


Master of Science, Maritime Archaeology, University of Southampton, 2009

Bachelor of Arts, Archaeology – Boston University, 2003


2019 – Louis and Elizabeth Scherck Scholarship                              

2019 – Erma Lee & Luke Mooney / TAMUG MARS Travel Grant            

2019 – GSA Graduate Student Research Grant                                       

2019 – Explorers Club: Mamont Scholar Grant                                        

2018 – Louis and Elizabeth Scherck Scholarship                                      

2018 – Texas A&M Oceanography Graduate Council Grant     

2017 – GSA Graduate Student Research Grant                                       

2017 – Texas A&M Oceanography Graduate Council Grant     

2017 – Louis and Elizabeth Scherck Scholarship                                      

2016 – Louis and Elizabeth Scherck Scholarship


Chem 117 – Fundamentals of Chemistry II

Chem 112 – General Chemistry for Engineers

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Advisor: Dr. Pete van Hengstum

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