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Marion Stössel
Marion Stössel
(979) 845-7662
Eller O&M 614B
Texas A&M University O&M Building
Room 627A MS 3146 
College Station, Texas 77843


M.S. Physical Oceanography, Universitaet Hamburg, Germany, 1985, Thesis at German Hydrographic Institute, Hamburg

B.S. Physical Oceanography, Universitaet Hamburg, Germany, 1981


Marion Stössel

Senior Research Associate

Selected Publications

  • Wang, Z., DiMarco, S.F., Stössel, M.M., Zhang, X., Howard, M.K., Du Vall, K. 2012. Oscillation responses to tropical Cyclone Gonu in northern Arabian Sea from a moored observing system. Deep Sea Res. 64 129-145.
  • Stössel, A., Stössel, M.M., and Kim, J.T. 2007. High-resolution sea ice in long-term global ocean GCM integrations. Ocean Modelling Vol.16 (3-4) 206-223.
  • Doerffer,  R., Fischer,J., Stössel, M., Brockmann, C. and Grassl, H. 1989. Analysis of Thematic Mapper Data for studying the suspended matter distribution in the coastal area of the German Bight ( North Sea). Remote  Sens. Environ. 28, 61-73.
  • Doerffer,  R., Fischer, J., Stössel, M., Brockmann, C.  and Grassl, H. 1989. Small scale patches of suspended matter and phytoplankton in the Elbe river estuary, German Bight, and tidal flats. Adv. Space Res. 9 (1) 191-200.
  • Stössel, M. 1986. Preliminary results from a dataset collected with the towed system  ‘Delphin’ during  FLEX’76. Dt. Hydrogr. Zt. 39, 169-177.
  • Thesis: GrobskaligeVeränderlichkeit von Chlorophyll und Temperatur in Raum und Zeit in Delphin-Messungen während FLEX’76.
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