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Stanford Goodwin
Stanford Goodwin
O&M 412
Texas A&M University O&M Building
Room 412 MS 3146 
College Station, Texas 77843


 B.S. Chemistry, Purdue University 2015


National Science Foundation S-STEM Scholar

Louis & Elizabeth Scherck Scholarship, 2015

Hypercube Award, 2015


OCNG 252 – Intro to Oceanography, Fall 2015 – Present

Stanford Goodwin

Graduate Student

Research Interests

  • Studying the degradation of CCl4 in the ocean
  • Characterizing a more accurate oceanic rate loss constant for CCl4 by investigating chemical and biological rate loss in the ocean
  • Reaction mechanisms in sea water systems
  • Reaction kinetics in sea water systems
  • Using quantum mechanics and molecular dynamics to model chemical reactions in sea water
  • My research involves QM/MD modeling, laboratory experiments and field studies to investigate the chemistry involved in the degradation of CCl4 in ocean environments. 

Selected Publications

Walters, W., Goodwin, S., & Michalski, G. (2014). The Nitrogen Stable Isotope Composition of Vehicle Emitted NOx: Impact of Catalytic Converter and Implications for Regional Variations. Environmental Science and Technology.

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Shari Yvon-Lewis
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