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Students at Sea

Students from the Puerto Deseado cruise: Kelly Cole, Kathryn Schreiner, Chrissy Wiederwohl and Ben Morgan.
Students from the Puerto Deseado cruise: Ben Morgan, Kelly Cole, Kathryn Schreiner, and Chrissy Wiederwohl.

NSF-funded Palmer Long Term Ecosystem Research (LTER) to Western Antarctic Peninsula of 2016
R/V Laurence M. Gould cruise (43 days) of 2016, Ph.D. student Laramie Jensen (OCNG)

NSF-funded Totten and Mertz Glacier expedition, East Antarctica (NBP1402) of 2014:
US RVI N.B. Palmer cruise (50+ days) of 2014, Ph.D. student Natalie Zielinski (OCNG)

NSF-funded Eastern Ross Sea program in the Pacific Antarctic sectors (Ross and Amundsen Seas):
Swedish RVI Oden cruise (47+ days) of 2010, Ph.D. student Christina Wiederwohl (OCNG)

Argentine RV Puerto Deseado cruise (23+ days) of 2009:
Ph.D students Christina Wiederwohl (OCNG), Yongsun Kim (OCNG), Benjamin Morgan (OCNG), Kelly Cole (OCNG) and Kathryn Schreiner (OCNG)

CLIVAR repeat Hydrography program line P18:
US R.N. Brown cruise (40+ days) of 2008, Ph.D. student Christina Wiederwohl (OCNG) and M.S. student Lindsey Visser (OCNG)

Cross-Slope Exchanges at the Antarctic Slope Front (AnSlope) research program in the Ross Sea:
US RVI N.B. Palmer cruise (26+ days) of 2003, Ph.D. student Amy Wagner (OCNG)
US RVI N.B. Palmer cruise of (15+ days) 2005, M.S. student Christina Stover (OCNG)

IPY program, ACROSS: Antarctic Crossroad of Slope Streams Project Two cruise in the Weddell Sea:
Ph.D. students Yongsun Kim (OCNG), Julia O'Hern (OCNG) and Yina Liu (OCNG)

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