Henry Potter


Air-sea interaction and boundary layer turbulence

Upper-ocean temperature structure and mixing

Ocean whitecaps

Surface gravity waves

Infrared remote sensing

Ocean observing instruments and technology

Selected Publications

Upper Ocean Temperature Variability in the Gulf of Mexico with                     

Implications for Hurricane Intensity                                                                                  2021

Henry Potter and Johna E. Rudzin. Journal of Physical Oceanography. In Press

Rapid Dissipation of a Loop Current Eddy due to Interaction with a                  

Severe Gulf of Mexico Hurricane                                                                                         2021

Henry Potter, Chuan-Yuan Hsu, Steven F. DiMarco Ocean Dynamics 1-12.

Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential and the Rapid Intensification of 

Hurricane Harvey in the Texas Bight                                                                                  2019

Henry Potter, Steven F. DiMarco, Anthony H. Knap. Journal of Geophysical

Research Oceans. 124.

The Cold Wake of Typhoon Chaba (2010)                                                                            2018

Henry Potter

Deep Sea Research Part 1: Oceanographic Research Papers. In press.

Directional Wave Spectra Observed During Intense Tropical Cyclones                        2018

Clarence O. Collins, Henry Potter, Bjoern Lund, Hitoshi Tamura, Hans Graber

Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans. 123(2), 773-793.     

Upper Ocean Cooling and Air-Sea Fluxes under Typhoons: A Case Study                     2017

Henry Potter, William M. Drennan, Hans C. Graber

Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans. 2169-9291.

Observations of Stress Direction During Typhoon Chaba (2010)                                    2015

Henry Potter, Clarence O. Collins, William M. Drennan, Hans C. Graber

Geophysical Research Letters. 42 (22), 9898-9905.

Whitecap Lifetime Stages from Infrared Imagery with Implications for Microwave

Radiometric Measurements of Whitecap Fraction                                                            2015

Henry Potter, Geoffrey B. Smith, Charlotte M. Snow, David J. Dowgiallo, Justin P. Bobak,

Magdalena D. Anguelova

Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans. 120(11), 7521-7537.

Swell and the Drag Coefficient                                                                                              2015

Henry Potter

Ocean Dynamics. 65(3), 375-384.

In Situ Measurements of Momentum Fluxes in Typhoons                                                2015

Henry Potter, Hans C. Graber, Neil J. Williams, Clarence O. Collins, Rafael J. Ramos,

William M. Drennan

Journal of Atmospheric Sciences. 72(1), 104-118

A Study of Turbulent Processes at the Air-Sea Interface in High Wind Speeds             2014

Henry Potter

Open Access Dissertations. 1218.

EASI: An Air-Sea Interaction Buoy for High Winds                                                              2014

William M. Drennan, Hans C. Graber, Clarence O. Collins, Anibal Harrera,

Henry Potter, Rafael J. Ramos, Neil J. Williams

Journal of Atmospheric and Ocean Technology. 31(6), 1397-1409.

Waves and Air-Sea Fluxes from a Drifting ASIS Buoy during the Southern Ocean

Gas Exchange Experiment                                                                                                      2012

Erik Sahlee, William M. Drennan, Henry Potter, Mike Reboso


University of Miami, Miami, FL.

Ph.D. Applied Marine Physics, 2014

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.

B.S. Geography, Minor: Physics, 2009                       

Southern Maine Community College, South Portland, ME.

A.A., Liberal Studies, 2006


Data Methods in Geosciences GEOS 470

Experimental Design and Analysis in Oceanography OCNG 655

Advanced Ocean Data Analysis and Communication (OCNG 461/661)

Undergraduate Research in Oceanography (OCNG 291/491)

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