Niall Slowey

Niall Slowey


Geological Oceanography: Paleoceanography; High-resolution Seafloor Mapping and Seismic Stratigraphy

  (979) 845-8478

  Eller O&M 316


  • Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology
  • Continental slope and carbonate bank sedimentary processes
  • High-resolution seismic stratigraphy
  • Quaternary sea level history
  • Acoustic and physical properties of marine sediments

Selected Publications

  • Slowey, N., and G. Henderson, 2011, Radiocarbon Ages Constraints on the Origin and Shedding of Bank Top Sediment in the Bahamas during the Holocene, Aquatic Geochemistry v. 17, p. 419-429.
  • Wagner*, A., and N. Slowey, 2010/11, Oxygen isotopes in seawater from the Texas-Louisiana Shelf, Bulletin of Marine Science, v. 87, p. 1-12, doi:10.5343/bms.2010.1004.
  • Giese, B., G. Compo, N. Slowey, P. Sardeshmukh, J. Carton, S. Ray*, and J. Whitaker (2010) The 1918/1919 El Niño. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, v. 91, doi:10.1175/2009BAMS2903.1.
  • Wagner*, A. J., T. P. Guilderson, N. C. Slowey, and J. E. Cole (2009), Pre-bomb surface water radiocarbon of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean as recorded in hermatypic corals, Radiocarbon, v 51, p 947-954.
  • Slowey, N., T. Holcombe, M. Betts, and W. Bryant (2008) Habitat Islands along the Shelf Edge of the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico. In Ritchie, K., and Keller, B., (eds) A Scientific Forum on the Gulf of Mexico: The Islands in the Stream Concept. Proceedings, 23 January 2008, Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, FL. Marine Sanctuaries Conservation Series NMSP-08-04. U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA, National Marine Sanctuary Program, Silver Spring, MD. p. 19-24.
  • Tripsanas*, E., W. R. Bryant, N. C. Slowey, A. H. Bouma, and D. Berti*, 2007, Sedimentological history of Bryant Canyon area, northwest Gulf of Mexico, during the last 135 ky (Marine Isotope Stages 1-6): a proxy record of Mississippi River discharge, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, v. 246, p. 137-161.
  • Malone, M.J., and Slowey, N. (2007) Oxygen isotopic composition of interstitial water, Demerara Rise. In Mosher, D., Erbacher, J., and Malone, M.J., (eds) Proceedings ODP, Scientific Results, 207.

*graduate student


Ph.D., Geological Oceanography, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanography Institution/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program in Oceanography, 1991

M.S., Geological Oceanography, University of North Carolina, 1986

Geology Field Camp in the Rocky Mountains, Indiana University, 1981 

B.S., Geology, Tufts University, 1980


  • Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award for Teaching 2006
  • College of Geoscience Distinguished Achievement Award 2005
  • Faculty Fellow of Texas A&M University 2001–2006
  • Big 12 University Faculty Fellowship 2000
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory 1990
  • Alumni Graduate Fellowship, University of North Carolina 1981

Additional Information

  • Seafloor Imaging of Alacran Reef and Related Features (with P. Ardisson)
  • Corals at the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary – monitors of environmental change
  • Collaborative research: Southern Hemisphere mid-depth water masses & the instability of the ocean’s conveyor circulation - the marine sediment record from Southwest Africa (with C. Charles and D. Thomas)
  • High-resolution mapping of reefs and banks in the Gulf of Mexico (with G.P. Schmahl)
  • Late Quaternary marine sedimentation and sea level change in the Gulf of Mexico


  • Professor, Oceanography, Texas A&M University, 2003 to Present
  • Associate Professor, Oceanography, Texas A&M University, 1997 to 2003
  • Assistant Professor, Oceanography, Texas A&M University, 1991 to 1997
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory of Columbia University, 1990 to 1991
  • Participant on 19 oceanographic research cruises including 12 as chief scientist or principal investigator

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