Marion Stössel

Marion Stössel

Senior Research Associate

  (979) 845-7662

  Eller O&M 614B

Selected Publications

  • Wang, Z., DiMarco, S.F., Stössel, M.M., Zhang, X., Howard, M.K., Du Vall, K. 2012. Oscillation responses to tropical Cyclone Gonu in northern Arabian Sea from a moored observing system. Deep Sea Res. 64 129-145.
  • Stössel, A., Stössel, M.M., and Kim, J.T. 2007. High-resolution sea ice in long-term global ocean GCM integrations. Ocean Modelling Vol.16 (3-4) 206-223.
  • Doerffer,  R., Fischer,J., Stössel, M., Brockmann, C. and Grassl, H. 1989. Analysis of Thematic Mapper Data for studying the suspended matter distribution in the coastal area of the German Bight ( North Sea). Remote  Sens. Environ. 28, 61-73.
  • Doerffer,  R., Fischer, J., Stössel, M., Brockmann, C.  and Grassl, H. 1989. Small scale patches of suspended matter and phytoplankton in the Elbe river estuary, German Bight, and tidal flats. Adv. Space Res. 9 (1) 191-200.
  • Stössel, M. 1986. Preliminary results from a dataset collected with the towed system  ‘Delphin’ during  FLEX’76. Dt. Hydrogr. Zt. 39, 169-177.
  • Thesis: GrobskaligeVeränderlichkeit von Chlorophyll und Temperatur in Raum und Zeit in Delphin-Messungen während FLEX’76.


M.S. Physical Oceanography, Universitaet Hamburg, Germany, 1985, Thesis at German Hydrographic Institute, Hamburg

B.S. Physical Oceanography, Universitaet Hamburg, Germany, 1981

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